Friday, September 29, 2017

Redemption in the Reich

A lot of time has passed since I last posted about my "Second Act." The process of becoming a full time writer is difficult when it remains on the side lines of life, between work and raising a family. Even so, while the keyboard remains seldom used, the mind keeps noodling over story ideas of high concept and hopefully great interest. One of these story ideas involves a favorite theme of mine, "Redemption", played out in the unusual setting of Nazi Germany during the end of World War II.

Researching this idea has involved several high quality sources including the biography, Adolph Hitler by John Toland and The Gathering Storm by Winston Churchill. Both of these volumes (1300 pages and 700 pages respectively) offered fantastic material to draw from. I am enjoying the process of preparing this new work and I'm excited to tell this compelling tale of deliverance from a time in our not-too-distant history that is universally understood as a dark period of evil.

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