Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Hate the Term - Homophobic

I hate the term Homophobic. I hate being told that if I do not accept and affirm those that live a homosexual lifestyle, I’m a bigot. I disapprove of a number of life style choices. The recent life choice made by young Adam Lanza comes to mind. Yes, he lived in a free country, where he was presented many opportunities, many choices and paths to follow. To quote the third installment to the Indiana Jones Trilogy “The Last Crusade”, he chose unwisely.

To a similar degree many other life style choices are unwise and carry dangerous associated consequences. Those who worship idols, real or imagined, soon discover their energies wasted. Those who cheat on their spouses find themselves alone and abandoned. The abusive often find themselves behind bars. Liars find themselves lost in a world where nothing is true and certain anymore.

Yet we do not hear terms like idol-phobic, cheater-phobic, abuse-phobic or liar-phobic.
Sin is sin and has been identified by our creator as our greatest struggle, the fulcrum point upon which the status of not only our eternity pivots, but our here and now as well. We can embrace the Free gift of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf and in so doing defeat sin through His strength – or we can continue to be ruled by the Sin of the World.

I am under no delusions – I sin everyday – but He that I call my Lord and Savior stands in the gap and covers my sin as if it is as pure white as the driven snow. His strength can accomplish what I cannot. And because of His great mercy I do what I can to remain His. To remain in His flock and in His keeping is my duty. To be and make Disciples of Christ is my greatest goal

That cannot be accomplished by sweeping what God says about the homosexual lifestyle under a rug. Loving the sinner while hating the sin is hard to accomplish, because people are defined by what they do – how they act. I pray that I may act in a loving manner to all people (sinners one and all) so that God’s love can be seen first and foremost. But I refuse to accept and affirm that which God calls an abomination.