Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jake Justus & The Plan of Attack

Every good detective, especially an ex-Navy SEAL like Jake Justus, needs a plan of attack. It is only right and proper that I (his creator) have a plan of attack for editing and finding a publisher for my novel “A Sacrifice of Time.”

The Macro Editing Process
Before hiring or making other arrangements for a complete edit of the book, I have decided to obtain the responses of an assortment of “readers” to read the rough draft and comment back to me with their first impressions of the work. These readers are trusted friends that I hope will be honest in their assessment. This Macro edit will better enable me to identify elements that need refinement, tweaking or out-right removal, prior to a more in-depth editing takes place.

For those of you out there that I have chosen to be readers: Please offer your honest opinions and suggestions. Growing is painful - I know, but I will only grow as a writer through a truthful assessment of the work. For those of you who may be waiting for me to finish: Please be patient a while longer. I’m almost there - I think?