Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pitch Time

Now that my novel “A Sacrifice of Time” is complete, I have been focused on pitching it to various literary agents. Yesterday, a writers group within the Orange County Christian Writers Conference held an exciting pitching event. Members of the conference were invited to pitch their completed or work in progress to the group. 

Advertised as their way of “giving back” the group fielded the pitches and picked a small number to offer help to. What a wonderfully fun experience it was to be a part of.
Most of the authors that sponsored the event seemed to be focused on the Fantasy, Science fiction or Steampunk genres, which are quite popular these days. 

Although, my Cozy Mystery did not get chosen, it was great fun to witness the interaction between all the authors involved. It was wonderful to see a group of authors encouraging each other to produce the best work they can for our Lord’s glory. That’s what being a Christian writer is all about and why I enjoy being a part of the community.

I was especially pleased that my good Friend and fellow Aspiring Writer Forum member Rebekah Macias was chosen as a winner. She has been working hard on her novel “Homecoming” which I, for one, am anxious to hear more about. Congratulations Rebekah.

Also, the intense focus on pitches yesterday allowed me to understand how to formulate my pitch to a certain literary agent I have been wanting to propose to. So…all said, it was a glorious day indeed. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Query Letters & First Dates

After spending almost 7 years writing a novel and editing it more times than I can count, you would think a simple query letter would be a breeze. 
But, with so much riding on it, I find it difficult.
These letters need to be the best presentation of me and my work. 
They represent the first point of contact to the guards (literary agents) of the gates to traditional publication. 

In a very real sense, this is like a First Date.

What are they looking for? 
What will they think of me? 
As I express myself and open up, I am being judged by my every word. 
Are they going to be a right fit for me?
What if they don't respond at all?
Why is it so difficult?

I have no doubt that this experience is both good for me and growing me into a better writer and person. But I am reminded of just how rough it can be out there to be single ( I mean unpublished).