Friday, February 22, 2013

Delicious Advice

Just finished reading (or should I say devouring) James Scott Bell's Revision and Self-Editing for Publication - Techniques for Transforming Your First draft into a Novel that Sells. What a wonderful tool this is to assist writers in the revision of their work in an organized and systematic manner. They say that writing is rewriting and I agree. I now feel confident (with this in hand) to begin cutting into my baby. For whatever it's worth, coming from a new writer like myself, I highly recommend this book to anyone contemplating the task of writing and editing a novel.


  1. Doug; Thanks for all your coments, I was checking my comments and I found a bunch from you, thanks for your support. Ps isn't it time for another good post from you. See your Sunday. GB

  2. Missed seeing you today, but getting caught up on commenting on the blogs I follow. I love how you share your finds with us and look forward to hearing your revised Chapter 2! This Wednesday perchance?

  3. Doug, your commitment to your writing inspires and encourages me! Thank you!!

    1. Wow! Coming from you that is great praise. Your lovely stories filled with transparency are an inspiration to many and an encouragement to all who read them. Keep writing my friend.